St. Herman House
Local Director - Paul Finley

H. Paul Finley, Local Director of St. Herman’s FOCUS Cleveland, is uniquely qualified for his position as a FOCUS Center Director. Paul has more than 15 years of experience in the faith-based, non-profit sector, holding the position of “executive director” or its equivalent. Paul served as the Senior Pastor of a church in Southern California, Executive Director of ACA Accredited Camps for youth ages nine to eighteen in South Carolina and Western Pennsylvania, and as Executive Director of a Conference Center in Western Pennsylvania. 

FOCUS Center Directors are tasked with a trifold set of responsibilities that must be equally balanced. These three responsibilities are administrative or management skills, counseling or pastoral skills, and fundraising expertise.  Paul brings a broad base of experience in all three of these areas drawing not only from his non-profit experience, but also from experience as a light-manufacturing business owner. As a manager, Paul has increased the volume of services being provided at St. Herman’s FOCUS Cleveland since his arrival in January of 2013. As a pastoral counselor, he has directed men toward services which address matters of employment, housing, mental and physical health, and other related issues, thus doubling the number of men who have received shelter at St. Herman’s. As a fundraiser, Paul has increased the support base in Cleveland by networking with churches, businesses and individuals.  Paul’s ability to instill a vision in others for helping persons in need was the single greatest factor in the acquisition of a transitional house, in February of 2014, which has expanded the services of FOCUS Cleveland.  Equally important, Paul has demonstrated an exceptional ability to collaborate and partner with other human service agencies, particularly with respect to case management, to meet the needs of St. Herman's residents. 

Paul holds a Bachelor’s degree from Belmont University in Nashville Tennessee, and a Master of Sacred Theology from St. Athanasius Academy of Orthodox Theology in Santa Barbara, California.